Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lyrics: Pappu can't dance, saala (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na )

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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa

Getting a great response to yesterday's lyrics post "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi". People are just loving this song. When the "2008's Best of the Best songs" list will be prepared, this song will surely find a place in top 3.

Anyway, another good song from this movie is "Pappu can't dance, saala". This song is reportedly a spoof on Salman Khan, masterminded by Aamir Khan. Whatever, song is quite funny and great to listen to. You'll find yourself rocking to the tunes. Listen to the song [press 'play' in the flash-player below] and read the lyrics below that.

This is the future of ME... *

Hai Muscular, (very muscular).
Hai Popular, (very popular).
Hai muscular, hai popular, spectacular, he's a bachelor.
(he's a bachelor, he's a bachelor)
Pappu ki gaadi tez hai,
Pappu kudiyo mein craze hai.
Pappu ki aankhe light blue,
Pappu dikhta angrez hai. (angrez hai)
Rado ki ghaari haton mei, perfume Gucci wala.
But Pappu can't dance saala.
Par Pappu can't dance saala.
Haa Pappu naach nai sakta.

Paida Pappu huwaa to kismate chamki,
Aur uske muu mein thi chandi ki chamchi.
Pappu ke paas hai paisa,
Haato ke meil ke jaisa.
Pappu yaaro ka yaar hai,
Pappu dildar hai, star hai.
But Pappu can't dance saala.
Par Pappu can't dance saala.
Haa Pappu naach nai sakta.

Papa kehte hai bada naam karega,
Mera Pappu to aisa kaam karega.
Pappu ke paas hai MBA,
Karta hai France mein holiday.
Pappu guitar bajata hai,
Jaha jata hai chha jata hai.
But Pappu can't dance saala.

Par Pappu can't dance saala.

Haa Pappu naach nai sakta.

But Pappu can't dance Saala.

LoL. Enough to drive Pappu up the wall. :D Enjoy. Find all the songs of 'Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na' in the 'Album of the Month' widget of Vlog.

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Pooja said...

oohh.....luv dis sng tooo..!!!so coooll n funny !!!realli dis sngs make me go crazzy n dance @ dat!!!
nywai da sng is awsum!!!
thnx 4 da lyrics...

Tusha said...

man thnx a lot 4 the lyrics........ u rock.........its ppl like u who cum to the aid of others..........

Nikita said...

I need a favour I guess u can help
I need only background music,without lyrics(TUNE)of d song kabhi kabhi aditi.Can u fwd it 2 me @


Vicky said...

@ Pooja - A.R. Rehman rocks. Last time it was 'Loose Control'. And now this. Enjoy.

@ Tusha - :) . My pleasure.

@ Nikita - Sorry Nikita. Even I was looking for the karaoke music. But didn't find one. U can use some karaoke making softwares.

RIA SHAH said...

sweet.. :D

lakshyajawan said...

great music,pappu rocks

Umang...... said...

After Reading the lyrics of this song , I luv this song !!!!!

Vicky said...

@ Ria : Sweet? You're talking about this song or me? :P 'Coz the song's Rocking. Far from sweet.

@ Lakshyajawan : Aptly said. Pappu paas ho gaya. :D

@ Umang : Wow. My work paid off. I'm glad, afterall. :) Enjoy.

RIA SHAH said...

you should know wht i'm talking abt!do i need to clarify??

Vicky said...

@ Ria : It'd be crystal clear if you clarify. But I guess I know what you're talking about. :)

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