Friday, May 23, 2008

aaahhh...these love stories...

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She ….
Cares for him..
Misses him 24/7..
Craves to love him..
Craves for his love..
Wants to hug him tight..
Would think of him in the middle of the night..
Would care for his family..
Prays for him…
Would tease him..
Could feel his pain…
Cries for him..
Wants to marry him..
Wants to wake him up with a good morning kiss..
Wants to give him a good bye kiss when he leaves for his office..
Wants a family with him..
Wants to grow old with him…..BUT ..
These words are unsaid….and they always would be…!!!

Strange are the ways of the heart..
Unsaid…unheard but always understood (sometimes misunderstood too!!)


Smriti M. said...

i realy like this poem
it was great
keep writing

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