Friday, December 07, 2007

My definition of friendship.

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Friends are the partners in crime,
Friends are for stealing each others chocolates,
Friends are for pulling each others hair when fighting,
Friends are to bother each other,
Friends never consent on anything,
Friends are to put you in trouble when your gf/bf is around,
Friends are more possessive for your things than you are,
Friends are the ones, who provoke your parents to tease you,
Friends are the ones, who are not insecure even if you are suddenly too friendly with others,
Lastly, friendship means two friends sitting beside each other, not uttering a single word and still have the best conversation of their lives! :)


After reading this post,a friend of mine said “its filmy” this is not possible in real! Well, it is very much real, infact this is “my” story and I very much have a friend of this sort. The only difference is we’ve stopped pulling each others hair! :D