Monday, May 24, 2010

Lyrics: Mora Piya (Raajneeti)

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Today's a special day in my life. More precisely, it was a year ago. 24th May 2009. Today's the 1st anniversary of that 1st kiss. But we are not together now to celebrate it. And thus, this song is fitting.

Mora piya moh se bhoolat Bolat nahi; from Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif starer Raajneeti.

Ranbir Kapoor - Raajneeti

Had heard it on Radio One once on my way to office. Loved it instantly. But sadly, never got to hear it fully again. The trailers on TV cover only few lines. Last verse [antara] is never shown. Anyway, I just can't live with this song not being here on my blog. So, I did a google search. Pathetically, non of the result lyrics make a complete sense. Hence, I'm using a simple common-sense and giving here the lyrics. Still not sure whether it is 'bhoolat nahi' or 'bolat nahi'...!! I'm sticking to the 'bhoolat nahi', as I like that better. The lyrics is indeed 'Bolat nahi'.

Piya .. mora .. piya .. mora piya ..
Mora piya maanat nahin .. mora piya ..

Mora piya mo se bolat naahin
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin
(You are all I want and nothing but you,
just look at me please, say something)
Dwar jiya ke...
(why won't you speak to me, you are all I need)
O..., dwar jiya ke kholat naahin.
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin

Darpan dekhun, roop niharun
Ho.., darpan dekhun, roop niharun
aur solah shringaar karoon.
Pher nazariya baitha bairi
Kaise ankhiyan chaar karoon.
Koi jatan ab...
ho.., koi jatan ab kaam na aave,
Usse kachhu howat naahin.
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin.
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin.

Hamri ik muskaan pe woh toh...
Haan, hamri ik muskaan pe woh toh apni jaan lutaata tha.
Jag bisra ke aanthon pahariya, more hi guun gata tha.
Bhaa gayi ka...
ho..., bhaa gayi ka koi sautan ooke
mora kuch bhaawat naahin?

Mora piya mo se bolat naahin.
(say something, why won't you speak to me, look at me)
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin.
Dwar jiya ke...
(just speak to me please)
O.., dwar jiya ke kholat naahin,
(don't you know I just can't live without you)
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin x5

Let me know if you find any mistake in this lyrics. But I believe this is more accurate than anything else available on net right now.