Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lyrics: Jao Naa (What's Your Rashee )

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There's a new trend in the making, for quite some time now. Sad songs in an upbeat tone. Unless you pay attention to the lyrics, they'd seem like a party or 'night-club' song. First such song I guess was 'Ye Dil, Deewana' from Pardesh. Nobody tried this again until recent years. Will list some of them here when I have time.

The latest addition to songs of this genre is - 'Jao Naa' from the Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra starer "What's your Raashee". Tune is quite catchy. I specially like the guitar play. Fast, full of energy and awesome. Sadly, it has only one 'antara' and ends in around 4mins. :( Hope it was longer.

Anyway, here's the song. Listen and sing along by reading the lyrics below.

Jao Naa x4
[ Tum jo ho toh gaa rahi hai yeh hawa
Tum jo ho toh reshmi ci hai fiza
Jao naa, Jao naa,
Jao naa, haan, Jao naa ] x2

Phir na yeh raat aayegi
Phir na yeh ruut chhayegi
Phir na yun milna hoga
Phir na jaane kya hoga
Jao naa, Jao naa,
Jao naa, haan, Jao naa

[ Yeh raat thori toh dhalne do
Dheere dheere isko pighalne do
Aage hai doraha mana magar
Thori duur toh sath chalne do ] x2
Khone wali ho kal tum
Ruuk sako jo do pal tum
Kuch tumhari tasveerein
Rakhlu apni ankhon mein.
Jao naa, Jao naa,
Jao naa, haan, Jao naa.