Friday, August 21, 2009

Meri Tanhai Mein ...

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They say "Don't listen to sad songs when you are sad". But who cares? Advices are for giving. Not following. And me.... I'm a big sucker of Pain. So, last night, after returning from work at 3 AM, I made a new playlist on my cell's walkman and listened to it for couple hours.

And who says only sad songs can make you cry. Even good nice songs have that power. The songs that remind me of my happy days, my days with my Girl, the beautiful moments that are impossible now.

These are the songs very close to my heart. They can even make me smile in the worst conditions or make me cry when I'm on top of the world. Or vice versa. Last night, it was the latter.

I had previously posted the lyrics of most of these songs. Here they are -