Thursday, April 12, 2007

I thought 'bout U today

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I thought about you today,
And for the 1st time -
it wasn't about the past, or the lies.
it wasn't about the hurt, or the tears.
It wasn't about my broken heart
or what I used to wish the future would be.
It was about end to all that;
And the beginning of a friendship.
So, I donno why people say
Because mine for you has....

(disclaimer: this is posted here using CCP {cut-copy-paste} technology, as u might've guessed. Personally, I strongly believe that love can never end in friendship.
I'd like to get your opinions on this regard. If U r an orkut user, voice your opinion Here)

Can't say how I feel,
Can't tell if my heart would heal,
But I always knew from the start,
I never really had your heart.
So, leave me now before I cry,
the pain is too much to say 'GoodBye'.
But always remember In each tear I shade
is an "I Love U" left unsaid.


yaai said...

i love u

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