Wednesday, April 18, 2007

क्यों चलती है पवन....?

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क्यों चलती है पवन, > Due to Varying pressure zone formation।
क्यों झूमे है गगन, > Because of earth's revolution।
क्यों मचलता है मॅन, > Problems with respiration।
ना तुम जानो ना हम। > But I just gave all the reasons!

क्यों आती है बहार, > Because of a change in season,
क्यों लुटाता है करार, > Suffering from mental tension।
क्यों होता है प्यार, > Because of opposites' attraction।
ना तुम जानो ना हम। > Seems you didn't pay enough attention।

क्यों गुम है हर दिशा, > Because you have a poor sense of direction।
क्यों होता है नशा, > Because of drug addiction।
क्यों आता है मज़ा, > Brains response to physical sensation।
ना तुम जानो ना हम। > Even after all the explanation...!!!