Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For him & Only for Him

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My love, I shall meet you there,
where the river mingles with the sea;
where wishing upon the falling stars can answer every prayer;
My love, I shall meet you there.

Where tears turn into precious gems;
where from every word a poem stems;
where I complete the picture of my imaginative flair;
My love, I shall meet you there.

Where the rainbow sprinkles colors around;
where nature's splendor will leave us spellbound;
where time bows to our immortal affair;
My love, I shall meet you there......

Where sealed lips and exploring hands suffice;
where the blazing fireworks of heartbeats melts the ice;
where time is ceaseless and souls lay bar;
OH MY LOVE!!! I shall meet you there............


Vicky said...

Wow. Such a lovely poem.....
And you dedicated it to someone? Awwwwww. Lucky guy. All the best for your meeting with 'Him'. :)

RIA SHAH said...

yeah! absolutely dedicated it to someone. :p and you r right sweets..he is indeed a very very lucky guy ;)

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