Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poem: In Your Arms Tonight

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Alright, so after Wo kehte hai, here's my second poem. A thought/sentence* was circling in my mind for a few days. Thought of turning it into a short, 4 line poem yesterday. But on way to reach this line, previous lines kept coming up and by dawn today, it was a full-blown ballad. :P


There's a dialogue in Ranbir Kapoor's next movie "Rockstar" -

Tuute huwe dil se hi sangeet nikalta hai
meaning "Music is born in a broken heart only". Well, I had my share of heartbreaks in the past. But never did I belch poems and shayaris in the past... But this time, just a little wound, and I'm spilling my heart & guts in them. Wonder what will happen if this one ends up in a heartbreak. Hope not. I want this to work.

Anyway, here's the poem -

I look back at the day I confessed
and I wonder whether I did right.
I was all alone, living a lonely life.
You brought colors, you brought light.
Talking to you made my days,
making you laugh made me smile.
Months passed like minutes,
before I knew, it's been a while.

Said I can't be just friends, I wanted more.
Said how much I like you, said how I adore.
When you said you too like me,
   I couldn't believe my ears.
I was happy beyond all means,
   but I also had my fears.
Did you like me the way I did or were you just playing?
I always poured my heart out to you,
but what was going on in your mind, you weren't saying.

"Not in office. We'll meet on weekends";
but we met just once.
And after that only date,
I've always been pining for your one glance.
We didn't spend time together, we didn't get close.
"I'm like this only. U should've known me before U chose".

Mentor, work, friends - your life was pretty busy.
I had hoped I'll be there for you
   and make it a little easy.
Turned out I was more of an imposition,
   you didn't want me caring.
I was the fool who thought relationship is about
   good times or bad, always sharing.

We fight, we don't talk; still I think of you 24x7
I wonder what you are doing, if you are missing me,
or thinking of me even.
I try to hold myself, console myself -
   "maybe it wasn't meant to be".
But when you make that call to patch things up,
   I believe you are the one, you are "she".

Last we said we'll give it one more try;
I wanna make this work at any cost.
'Coz you are a part of me now, meaning of my life.
Without you, I'm nothing, everything is lost.

If you decide it's not worth and you want me gone..
Please hold me once, say you did love me,
before you move on.
Let me cup your face, kiss your lips,
give me a last chance to put up a fight.
Still if you have to go, just give me this...
Let me die in your arms tonight. #Mou

Let me know what you think of this. Be gentle. :-)

And oh, * = the one sentence/thought that gave birth to this poem - is the last line of the poem.

In Your Arms